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Meet Our Leaders That Care

To kick off 2018 we’re honoring Leaders That Care. These individuals are making an impact and putting good karma into the world on a daily basis. We’re celebrating them and their accomplishments by sharing the causes they care about. Adam Rosenberg Adam Rosenberg, the PR and Social Media Group Manager at The Clorox Company, cares…

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund featured on CBS / KCAL 9

We pledged up to $5,000 in matching donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief. You can donate and learn more here. At dailyKARMA, we want to empower you to live a more impactful life. When we saw the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, we wanted to do our part to help too. So, we pledged $5,000 in matching donations…

Cause Funds is now live

I’ve got some big news for you today. We’re taking dailyKARMA in a totally new direction. And I want to tell you the story of why.

Live at NTEN

Can you guess what made us a wee bit nervous? Getting onstage in front of 2,000 people to talk not about one of our successes — but about one of our biggest failures. Mel, our VP of Marketing, and I were honored to deliver an Ignite Talk on the main stage at NTEN, the largest nonprofit tech conference,…

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