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About us

Our team strives to make giving part of everyday life by creating fun, simple, and social ways to donate to and fundraise for nonprofits. Our team of seasoned technologists, nonprofit leaders, experts and entrepreneurs has come together to innovate a platform that makes charitable giving as easy as posting on Facebook.

dailyKARMA was founded and funded by successful technology entrepreneurs and philanthropists Anand and Rajeev Mecheri. Mecheri Foundation is responsible for launching Chennai Volunteers, an organization that pairs over 12,000 volunteers with people in need. Their vision to drive social change paired with their ability to build world-class technology drives us to create the same impact in the US.

We have hundreds of choices to make each day. Giving should be one of them. Choose Giving.

Meet the team:

Customer Advisory Board

Our customer advisory board consists of donors, advocates and all around do-gooders who provide insight into how we can create the best experience possible. They not only help us shape the future of dailyKARMA, they help shape the future of giving.

  • Jason Barry

  • Eva Bloomfield

  • Katrina Boratko

  • Lisa Greyson

  • Arielle Harris

  • Bryn Jura

  • Mads Black Just-Olesen

  • Shawnte Salabert

  • Judy Santos

  • Tess Tallman

  • Kate Tegmeyer

  • Kayleigh Zmoda