100% Transparency.
Why give through dailyKARMA?


dailyKARMA’s mission is to make giving simple, social & fun by allowing you to support all of your favorite charities in one place.

Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Add up to 5 charities to your Cause Fund at one time.
  • Simplify your giving by setting recurring monthly donations.
  • Choose to split your donation evenly or select custom percentages within your fund.
  • Set yearly fundraising goals & engage your community to drive impact with you.

  • Take the pain out of tax time by having all of your charitable donations in one place.
  • Consume less by asking for donations to your Cause Fund for special occasions like birthdays. Your community can support ALL of your favorite charities instead of picking one.

100% Transparency

We understand that it’s important to know how your donations are being processed and that they are going to the right place. That’s why we are committed to being 100% transparent with you.

Why fees?

Fundraising can take a tremendous amount of resources and funds from nonprofits. On average,
fundraising costs may cost as much as 20% of each donation. As a social impact company, we are continuously innovating to find more efficient ways for people to give back. Our 9.75% fee helps us cover our day to day operating costs and also includes all payment processing & credit card transaction fees. The 5% we keep allows us to focus on creating the best experiences for both donors & charities. The way we look at is, the more we can help drive donations for your favorite nonprofits, the more time they can spend doing what they do best – changing the world.

Security & Reliability are serious matters.

Cause Fund donations are processed through our trusted partner Network For Good a non-profit donor advised fund which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and meets all 20 of its standard for charity accountability. Network For Good makes it easy for over 750,000 nonprofits to receive your gifts.

All credit card payments are processed through Stripe. A leader in security, Stripe is known to have the most stringent level of security certification in the payments industry. For more information about their PCI Compliance, please click here.



The real deal on other fees.

You may think that donating directly to a charity would be the best way to avoid any fees. However, even donations made directly to charities are subject to fees when they process your gifts. Charities incur credit card transaction fees with all digital donations. Even physical checks are subject to check processing fees.

To ensure that the charities receive 100% of your donation, dailyKARMA allows you the option of covering all platform fees. The majority of our users opt to cover these fees instead of passing them along.

See how it works.

With each donation, you may opt to either cover the processing costs for the charity or to include them with your donation. Need help deciding which way to give? See below for a breakdown:


$100 to a Cause Fund Supporting 4 Charities

(Fees: $9.75)

Cover fees upfront Include with donation
Total Billed to You
Amount Passed to Charities





Amount to Each Charity
Fees Incurred by Each Charity

More questions? Email us at support@dailykarma.com or view our FAQs.