We are a community of business owners, mothers, and maternal health allies. We choose to use our collective voices as brand owners to dedicate the entire month of May to supporting organizations that are at the forefront of maternal health advocacy.


We are a community of business owners, mothers, and maternal health allies. We choose to use our collective voices as brand owners to dedicate the entire month of May to supporting organizations that are at the forefront of maternal health advocacy.


We are a community of business owners, mothers, and maternal health allies. We choose to use our collective voices as brand owners to dedicate the entire month of May to supporting organizations that are at the forefront of maternal health advocacy.



These needle-moving charities support all stages of maternal health, nationally & internationally. Their impact is felt through their policy work, advocacy, & in-person support. During the month of May, our brand partners have elected to support one or more of the charities below through their e-commerce store.


Each time you shop with one of our amazing partners, you have the option of donating to charity in exchange for a discount or incentive.
Shop. Donate. Save.

Get to know our favorite brands. We've asked them to share a bit more about their thoughts on giving back, motherhood & their passion for maternal health.


Allegra James feels that every woman should feel beautiful, both inside and out. And because one in five Americans lives with a mental health condition—women included—receiving treatment that helps us live our fullest lives is more crucial than ever. This is why they are taking the step to shine a light on the subject of mental health while helping to reduce the stigma surrounding the issue by supporting maternal mental health.


Andrea, founder of Anjie +  Ash wants to make sure that all women have safe care during & after pregnancy. “So many women suffer complications during pregnancy and delivery. It’s an issue that’s hit close to home. I know so many women that have experienced challenges during birth. I personally  experienced complications after my last child was born.  Preventing maternal deaths is something I feel very passionate about.”

Larinna Cothren, founder of Bitty Brah, believes in the power of shining a light on postpartum depression & perinatal mood disorders. “Maternal mental health is something we don’t talk about enough and support in this country. Bringing awareness to mental challenges mother’s face and how we can support one another and lift each other up during difficult times is a discussion we need to have more often.”

Charged is on a mission to provide you the tools to help you recharge and revive yourself during your journey of self-care, healing, and wellness.

“We believe that giving back is key to that balance and that’s why we’ve committed to supporting those organizations focused on driving impact for moms across the world.”


 “We need to be reminded of all the issues that mothers around the world have to face, not just on Mother’s Day but throughout the month.

To truly celebrate motherhood (and our own moms!) we need to support each other by recognizing not just their superpowers but also recognizing our responsibility to protect them.”


Kodi Kitchen, founder of Equipt, believes in a holistic approach to fitness that starts with emotional & mental health. “I believe it takes a village and the power of knowing every day is different. Some have more challenges than others, and no matter what you are going through, in the moment-  if it matters to you, it matters. We diminish that notion so often ,but it is important to know sometimes it’s ok to NOT be ok. I believe in maternal health, the power of community, awareness, and movement.”


Inspired by the sun, sand, and glam of Los Angeles. We design jewelry to help women look and feel their best – because we know a woman’s best accessory is her confidence. 

We believe that confidence starts from the inside out and thats why we’re committed to helping build others up through giving back. 


Extreme Fit’s colorful compression socks were inspired after the founders’ own mother was told to wear them while traveling.

“We wanted to make sure she was wearing something as colorful & inspiring as she was so decided to make something that people can feel good about wearing- both for the health benefits and bringing a little levity to often plain attire.”


Giving back is at the core of Freshly Moms mission. “Our mission is to educate and nourish new mothers during the fragile periods of pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. While we are trying to reach as many mothers as possible, we believe it sometimes takes a village to support new motherhood. By giving back, we are trying to make a positive impact in lives of mothers who need a little more support.”


Eram Siddiqui, globetrotter and Founder and CEO of Hudson+Bleecker lives the juggle of balancing a thriving business with the demands of motherhood.

She believes in the value of leaving the world better than she found it and is committed to supporting charities that are positively impacting mothers and children throughout the world.


With all of the uncertainty surrounding  the parenting choices we make, we want to make sure moms feel our continuous support.

We must celebrate every mother around the world all year but especially during the month of May because they deserve it. Being a mother is not easy. It is not perfect –  it takes a lot of strength and passion.  


Founder Lori Bonn speaks to the impact her own mom had on her life.  ” I am who I am today because of her. She was very entrepreneurial and  taught me the best way to learn something is to jump in and try it. We would take a craft class together, make a bunch of whatever it was and then sell it at a local craft fair. I knew from an early age that I could make money from my art and that gave me the confidence I needed to start my jewelry brand.”


Of all the aspects of maternal health, Love Bubby Founder, Jaime Windau is most passionate about the postpartum period and feels like we need to support mothers more during this time.
“It is a hard transition for many women once your baby is born. You are sleep deprived, recovering from birth and also learning a new way of living which can produce anxiety and stress.”


Founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, California, Mambino Organics Skincare holds a very simple, yet caring philosophy…be good, do good. 

“We strive to create a better world through healthy, premium holistic products that are safe, highly effective and free of all toxins. Our core belief is that people, plants and planet are more important than profit.”


Rose & Kelsey, co-founders of MiliMili, are always trying to find ways to support other mamas. “Motherhood is a careful balancing act of child + self + career + home, and often it is the ‘self’ piece that is overlooked. Moms are even neglected in the delivery room – where the US ranks worst in maternal deaths in the developed world. We love the mission of Every Mother Counts & its efforts to improve this terrifying statistic and hope you’ll join us in supporting them.”


ocean+main was inspired by mothers: our own gracious mom, our collective mother, Mother Nature. Our eco-friendly collection puts people, planet and purpose first, treating mothers and Mother Nature with care and respect. Maternal health is a prerequisite for societal health, and along with our environmental efforts this May, we are supporting women’s health initiatives and saluting the amazing women who make ocean+main possible every day.


When asked how to define the role of a mother today, founder Denise Crew said this:

“The vision of motherhood today reminds me of the Hindu goddess Durga with her many arms – trying to remain calm, happy & in sync with the world while doing multiple things at the same time.”



OneBar chooses to give back to maternal health in May because they love celebrating all the mamas out there.  

“As a woman-owned company, we love to inspire other women to follow their dreams and make them realities. Giving back to moms and other female founders is very important to us.”


As a kid growing up in Persia, Spicely founder, Bijan, was surrounded by Persian food bazaars; which allowed for the exchange of spices and herbs from around the world. Migrating to the US brought many challenges; one nearest to his heart was not finding, in the stores, the herbs and spices needed to make his grandma’s recipes. Looking at this opportunity, and his innate passion for sustainability for mother earth – Spicely was born.


Sydney Hinds, founder of The Village Anthology kept it real with this statement on moms she admires. “All my mom friends who maintain a clean house, this one is for you.” 

She’s also passionate about establishing more of a cultural norm providing better mental health support and support during the postpartum period. 

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